wsraplusA simple blog showing stuff concerning the West Somerset Railway Association not generally known about but which members of the Association might like to know about.

The blog represents our single and simple opinion that Association members should have the opportunity to learn more about their Association beyond what they might read in the Journal or other communications issued by their Association.

It may be necessary to step back a few months to cover some events that have not been made clear to the membership. Yet.

This blog is run by three WSRA members. Steve Edge who writes the posts which are the result of discussions with the other two (who at this stage prefer not to be named here; suffice to say they are both “armchair” members of the WSRA, both live some distance from the line, and neither have been involved in any aspect of the WSR other than being WSRA members). A WSR guard for 12 years but long retired from that role, Steve remains a WSR volunteer complete with Staff ID, working nowadays with publicity, photographic and promotional work and some mapping work; he also runs an unofficial WSR website and until recently was “minder” for the WSRA website too; he continues to “mind” the Steam Trust website and the Steam Rally website.


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  1. Phillip Gardiner says:

    Good work guys, this site is an excellent idea.


  2. Geoff May says:

    Steve,I have great respect for your work in relation to the WSR as a whole. I think that under the present circumstances this blog is an unfortunate necessity with regards to the WSRA. I am disappointed that the other two members who collaborate with you wish to remain anonymous.


    • wswiz says:

      Thanks Geoff. It’s a personal choice we all have and I respect the wishes of those distant WSRA members who wish to remain “in the background”. It’s too late by nigh on forty years of volunteering with the WSR for me to remain anonymous! Without collaboration this blog would not exist. We all need good like-minded chums who spot a need, chat about how to word stuff, and agree to post it here. Please bear with us.


  3. David Braybrooks says:

    I want to know who the other two “faceless” persons are please – member no. 5317


    • wswiz says:

      Hi David

      I must respect the wishes of my chums. It’s their choice. Suffice to say they are not WSR volunteers and they have never held any official WSRA post. They are, I suppose, what some people call “armchair” members of the WSRA – just ordinary guys, really.

      (on behalf of “Sid and Dick”)


  4. Excellent work here as ever, Steve

    For long distance ‘armchair’ members like myself who can’t get to the railway as often as we would like it would be very helpful to know the views of the PLC before we cast our votes.


  5. Stuart Turner says:

    The Press Release by the WSRA dated 17 July refers. It reflects on a creditable performance by WSRA (Promotions). However, yet again, there is no mention of the BL shop and cafe; the only part of Promotions that consistently makes a significant financial contribution. If the Trustees cannot accord it the full recognition it deserves, then they should hand it over “lock, stock and barrel” to the PLC.

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  6. sean says:

    before i admit defeat and cancel our membership to be on the safe side, is there any one out there who can actually explain in an un biased way what the hell all this is about, we like railways as a family and love to visit the wsr a few times a year, have been members for years but live 300 + miles away so not local enough to know whats going on. who are the goodies and who are the baddies and why ?!!


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