At last. The chance for the Membership to have a say in the future direction of the Association.

In the last few days, Members will have received a Consultation Paper in the post.

The WSRA+ bloggers want to encourage all WSRA Members to find some time to look through the Paper and to provide comments and ideas before the deadline of 1 August.

The current Trustees have worked really hard on the Paper which discusses the main areas that need firming up into a clear and agreed Development Plan. The latter will be presented to the Membership at the AGM in October. Hence the need to move fairly quickly.

We have long felt the need for a truly wide ranging review of the WSRA and – well – here it is!

Like us, you may not like some of the proposals, you may be full of enthusiasm for others. Now, you have the chance to let it all out so get reading and then get writing. And don’t forget to send back your thoughts before the deadline.

Let’s make the most of the opportunity to be listened to and then help steer our Association along the right path.

It is our Association after all…