Some interesting views have emerged in a lengthy discussion elsewhere concerning members wishing to be Trustee candidates at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Members will recall a full refresh of the Trustee Board will take place with all ten places up for grabs.

Folks on social media have been debating on the one hand the position statements on the subject by some of those people involved in the Reform Group who have indicated prefererence to not stand,  and on the other hand, others have been debating the likelihood of those people recently dismissed as Trustees standing as candidates in a bid to regain trusteeship.

The WSRA+ bloggers reckon the matter is down to one simple proviso. Providing the member is eligible under the Articles of Association to stand as a Trustee then we feel there are no barriers to nomination and standing for election for election by the membership.

Much is made of membership involvement and a properly run democracy. Let’s hope we see these aspirations bloom, prosper and dominate the Association’s business over the next few months and well beyond.