There’s no doubt that the new management of the Association are cracking on with the unenviable task of “sorting things”.

So much information is now being issued by the new WSRA folks, that it is possible that the job of the WSRA+ blog is all but completed. The purpose of WSRA+ was to bring important matters to the membership; matters that might otherwise gone unnoticed. We at WSRA+ feel that a healthy organisation thrives on good information issued on a very regular basis and with provision for responsible, constructive online and offline discussion. When the new WSRA  reaches that point – and we feel it is not too far away now – then maybe we can close this blog, hopefully forever.

Meantime, we encourage members to look at the official WSRA website and check out the News section along with the Documents section. There’s far more information and updates there that WSRA+ can keep up with!

Your WSRA+ bloggers: Huey, Dewey and Louie