The WSRA+ bloggers have previously made it clear that we consider the meeting of the “Six” on 15 February 2016 was wrongly called and therefore invalid. By the “Six” we refer to the six Trustees removed from office by the Membership immediately following the General Meeting at the end of February.

We understand the “Six” are now claiming their 15 February meeting was valid “A quorate number of Trustees met…on the 15 February, at a properly convened meeting…”.

The new WSRA management, through Company Secretary Paul Whitehouse, have issued this response:

“The February meeting was certainly quorate. It was however invalidly called, since Michael Rowe was deliberately not given notice of it, even though he had been co-opted at the meeting held on 14 December 2015 (Minute No 11). The Board authorised me to publish the Minutes of meetings, and I shall be working through those when I have dealt with other more pressing matters. In the interim here are the Minutes of that Board Meeting. It is not clear to me why the Minutes appear to be security classified.”

The WSRA+ bloggers reckon the Minutes clearly provide the evidence that Michael Rowe was co-opted to the Board with immediate effect. As such, he must be formally given notice of any subsequent Trustee Board meeting, such as that proposed for 15 February. He was not. And therefore that meeting was not properly convened.

The WSRA Membership, given the opportunity, will look at the evidence and decide.

As ever, in the interests of clarity, communication and debate, this blog remains open to the “Six” for right of reply.