A chat with a chum who is a WSRA Life Member reveals the likelihood of similar considerable confusion among many WSRA Members who received the recent mailing of “Journal 152” and other documents.

Whilst those of us following the saga on the internet are fairly savvy about the happenings to our Association, those who rely on information received through the letterbox must be mightily confused and seemingly not able to work out the facts.

Here are some worrying points from the chat in no particular order:

  • the messages in “Journal 152” must be right because it is a “Journal” and it came from the WSRA.
  • the contents of the letter from the solicitor Gowling WLG, which came with “Journal 152” must be correct because ait was written by and signed by a solicitor.
  • the WSRA is asking me to choose between the Association remaining as or giving up as charity but how can I choose without much supporting argument for either option.
  • the letter from Ian Aldridge says he is “Chairman, WSRA” but I recently received other documents saying Frank Courtney is the WSRA Chairman.
  • the “Reform Group” seem hellbent on destroying the WSRA.
  • surely the decisions made at the EGM are not valid as we are told the EGM not properly constituted (because the solicitor said so) but there’s no detail as to what wasn’t properly done.

and so it goes on. The opportunity was taken during the chat to offer a different take some of the above assumptions.

The key issue here is that the WSRA Member who relies only on information through the letterbox is getting very confused indeed.

Online resources will not reach these Members and so the postal system remains an important mechanism for getting the message out there.

(with apologies to the real confused.com for the title of this article)