Members will have received “Journal no 152” and a number of other documents. The whole package should be seen as “unofficial” and we particularly advise Members not to waste time by responding to the poll as any result will be meaningless.

Members might well be confused as to who is running their Association. The recent mailing is clearly the doing of David Williams and his five colleagues  (the “Six”) who were until recently Trustees. However, at the General Meeting on 27 February 2016, those six people were voted out of office.

As far as we at WSRA+ can see, there is nothing whatsoever at fault with the arrangements leading up to that General Meeting and so, to the clear disappointment of the “Six”, the decision of the Membership stands.

The document from James Gordon from Gowring WLG is a simple repetition of the position claimed by the “Six”. James Gordon provides no explanation as to why the General Meeting “was not properly requisitioned”. The document is meaningless.

One of the biggest complaints about the “Six” was the lack of explanation of exactly what they see as wrong, who they see as the threat and why they have taken the actions they did.

Well, to some extent, in “Journal no 152”, the “Six” have made some efforts to explain their concerns.

We at WSRA+ strongly encourage Members to read the various statements in “Journal no 152” and accompanying documents to perhaps get a feel for why the “Six” reacted in the way they did.

We reckon the “Six” had some serious concerns about the plans and motives of third parties. Imagined concerns or real concerns, we are sure the Membership would have agreed it quite wrong for the “Six” to sit back and do nothing. Sadly, the “Six” did not involve the Membership to help.

But at the end of the day, in our view, it was the way the “Six” dealt with the concerns, the way they did not respond to obvious mismanaged processes, the way they did not engage with the Membership, that brought us to today’s position.