They say there are two sides to every story.

WSRA+ is just one of several ways for both sides to have their say.

Trouble is the comments to articles on WSRA+ tend to be one-sided. Again we remind folks  that WSRA+ remains open for comment from one side or the other side.

Maybe a rough analysis of WSRA+ would show comments are almost wholly from one side.

That would suggest two possible reasons:

1 Those on the quiet side are afraid of speaking up

2 Those on the quiet side actually have nothing to say

3 There is no-one on the quiet side

Oh, that’s three possible reasons (there’s probably a few more!)

If anything has been a disappointment to us bloggers it has been the reluctance of one side to engage with the blog – no comments and no articles offered for publication.

To the “six” (you know who are) and those who stand alongside them, we encourage you to state your case here on WSRA+

Well, we did offer…