Oh dear.

Many Members – and non-members it seems – have received two letters from the WSRA today.

Both unsigned letters are from Trustee Ian Aldridge who claims to be WSRA Chairman.

Members should be aware of the letters would appear to lack proper authority.

Both letters suggest the forthcoming General Meeting saying it is “postponed” and “will not proceed” . Despite this proclamation, as far as we can tell, having been correctly called the General Meeting is going ahead.

Why do the letters lack authority?

It seems that the meeting of six Trustees (The Chairman, Trustee Frank Courtney was unable to attend and Trustee Michael Rowe was not notified) on 15 February 2016 was invalid due to it not being properly called the Articles require.

That means any decisions – such as appointing Trustee Ian Aldridge as Chairman – made at that meeting are also invalid.

Also invalid are any decisions taken since that meeting by the wrongly-appointed Chairman.

Also invalid are any actions based on those decisions – such as the spending of WSRA funds to send out these letters to all Members.

Trustees Ian Aldridge, David Williams, Nigel Bruce-Robertson, Nick Nicholls, Paul Johnson and Peter Chidzey have each been asked to explain why they think the meeting of 15 February 2016 and its decisions are valid. We doubt those Trustees will give the Membership the courtesy of a reply. Or maybe they will.

Update 25 February 2016: Trustee Ian Aldridge has replied with a single word “Noted”.