So many times of late we hear cries of the Association contributes nothing to the Railway. Maybe. But sometimes the Association does contribute – but they just don’t tell anyone.

The Williton Loop Extension is one example which has a contribution from the Association, we understand. In fact the trains that are now using the extension would fall off into “the dirt” without that contribution.

What was it? What did the Association provide? It might not have been the lot. It may not have been half of it. It may not have been a tenth. Or even a hundredth. But it was something. We know cos they told us. But not many others it seems.

How about the Trustees coming on here and providing the answer, eh? Speak up! Answer back! Shout about it! Crow about it!

Update: Well, despite several “prods” it would seem the Trustees don’t want to “tell ‘ee” and instead have suggested WSRA+ simply direct folks to the official and unofficial WSRA websites for information and/or contact Ian Aldridge or Paul Johnson. Oh well. We’ll check a few things and then come back with the details of the WSRA’s contribution to the Williton Loop. We should add that by writing to Trustee A you may get a reply from Trustee A and from Trustee A’s email account but it may not have been written by Trustee A. Probably just a glitch. (23 Feb 2016)

Update: OK, we’ll tell. It’s the trap point. Recovered from Fairwater by David Holmes and other members of the erstwhile WSRA PW gang, to Norton for future use somewhere on the Railway. Must have saved the Williton Loop project a few bob. But the main idea of this article – getting the Trustees to communicate – was a complete failure. Which tells its own story 😦

Or as dear old Adge Cutler would say “Don’t Tell I, Tell ‘Ee”


Well that’s got you all rushing off to dust off your Adge LPs 🙂