It is increasingly clear that the meeting between the “six” Trustees was not properly convened.

To be properly convened, the details and an invitation must be sent to all Trustees.

In this case nothing was sent to Trustee Michael Rowe. A deliberate act of omission it would seem.

Any decisions made at that meeting on 15 February 2016 cannot be official WSRA Trustee Board decisions.

As ever, to aid communication between the Trustees and the Membership, we offer space on this blog for statements or comments to any Trustee or the Trustee Board. We are convinced the Membership would like to hear from you.

That said – and with the invalid meeting and its decisions in mind – the Membership should beware of statements by the “six” Trustees and to remember that, in our view, Frank Courtney remains the properly elected Chairman of the Trustee Board.