A fourth Chairman for the WSRA within a year – David Williams, Peter Chidzey, Frank Courtney and now Ian Aldridge. So we understand.

Or maybe it is still three…

Confused? We’ll try to explain more later. Better still if Ian Aldridge could explain right here on this blog but we’ll not hold our breath.

EDIT[17 Feb]: we have had an email from Ian Aldridge and we gather some kind of statement will be issued soon.

EDIT [17 Feb] We now expect the statement to be made to “all members” – presumably by post and/or website.

EDIT [18 Feb] Clearly the hoped-for statement will not be issued “soon”. We had been led to believe it would appear on Tuesday 16 February 2016.

Meantime, we suggest WSRA members ask themselves if they really know who is running their Association?