The Proxy Form is ideal for those WSRA members make their vote count  but are unable to attend the General Meeting on 27 February 2016.

voteTo ensure your vote counts, you MUST add a cross (x) to the appropriate voting box on the Proxy Form – leaving a blank box simply allows someone else to decide for you.



To avoid risk of spoilt papers and unfair use of Proxy Forms, WSRA+ strongly recommend members to:

STRIKETHROUGH – put a line through the words “the chairman of the meeting,”

NAME YOUR PROXY BUDDIES – after the word “or” add the name (and address) of someone who is attending and is willing to act as your Proxy. We understand Barrie Childs is attending the General Meeting and is willing to act as Proxy for any number of members. We strongly recommend you add “Barrie Childs, 1 Glenfrome Villas, Norton Fitzwarren TA2 6QT” as your Proxy. We thank Barrie for allowing us to name him in this recommendation. And then, after the words “failing him” write the name and address of your second (backup) Proxy. Thus if the first named Proxy fails to turn up, then your second Proxy will still be able to vote for you. Thanks Robin White for alerting us to this important point.

MAKE YOUR MARK – put a cross (x) in the appropriate box under the words “Voter One:”

SEND IT BACK – send the completed Proxy Form using the provided pre-paid envelope.

DON’T DELAY – make sure you make an early response – certainly within the next week or so.

(Edited following discussion with Robin White)