We thought it might be worthwhile revisiting the recent Statement by Frank Courtney, Acting Chair of the WSRA and Michael Rowe, Trustee, which starts:

“We thought the Members and others should be aware of certain actions by Susan Kaufman, Company Secretary, on behalf of the six original trustees, this morning. We
have received notice that the original trustees met without our knowledge a few days ago and determined, as is their right under the Articles of Association, to convene a trustees meeting on Monday 15th February.”

Now this seems a strange way for six of the Trustees to behave, on our behalf. Meeting in secret? Calling a Board meeting for a certain date without the courtesy of checking the date with the Association Chairman and one other Trustee? And then, when they do find out the Chairman is unavailable, not doing the right thing by re-arranging the date? And later in the full statement we find one Trustee, Michael Rowe, is not invited?

The WSRA+ team challenge the “six” and/or the Company Secretary to use this blog to explain these actions to the membership.

We will be forwarding this message by email to all Trustees and the Company Secretary.