WSRA members might be interested in this information gleaned from a posting to National Preservation by Trustee Michael Rowe in response to a question about analysis of feedback from Association members following the publication of the WSRA Review Report. Michael has kindly agreed to the re-use of his words here.

Between the 8th of December and the 10th January the WSRA received 73 emails. These can be divided approximately into three categories:

90% considered that ‘All Trustees must go immediately’.
3% were in favour of the ‘Trustees remaining.’
7% of responses were considered ambiguous.

Some emails thanked the Trustees for their commitment of time and hard work.

A significant percentage were in favour of the continuation of a printed Journal.

There were in addition twelve hard copy letters. All twelve favoured the Trustees departure and five were for the retention of a printed Journal.

Whilst this information might make difficult reading for the six Trustees concerned, we feel it is important to bring it to the attention of the membership.