Reports suggest emails from the WSRA to those members who have provided email addresses are not always reaching their destination with the consequence of members being unaware of the WSRA’s communication. This seems to be happening when the WSRA does a mass email to its members – known as an “email shot or blast”.

We advise any WSRA member who might have expected an email from the WSRA, but did not receive one, to contact Jacquie Green or Keith Sandford who maintain the databases at WSRA to check why you did not receive a copy and make any necessary database amendments. Don’t forget to tell Jacquie or Keith your membership number and/or postcode so they can track you down in the database.

This may not completely solve the undeliverables (for example, spam catchers that are beyond the control of the WSRA) but at least it will get things right at the WSRA.