We are dismayed to feel the need to repeat the call of our previous article “Time, gentlemen”.

After some six weeks or so to digest the Review Panel’s recommendations, especially the “key” recommendation, it is becoming blatently clear that the “old” Trustees have no intention of voluntarily standing down. Not one of them. That surprises us as we did believe one or two might have the moral courage to realise their Trusteeship time is up and set aside. There’s still time, gentlemen. But not much longer than a day or two.

With the co-operation of the “old” Trustees, a phased process of co-option and resignation – one in, one out – would ensure the number of Trustees does not fall below the minimum stated in the Articles. As others have said, this process could be dealt with during one meeting. There are other ways, of course. But the “old” Trustees seem unwilling to do this and the matter cannot be forced as the “old” Trustees remain a majority on the Board. Our only conclusion is that the “old” Trustees refuse to budge.

OK, we could wait until the AGM. With the current number of established Trustees, the rules require just two of them to retire by rotation. We hear all the “old” Trustees will stand down at the July AGM, but nothing in writing from them, so they may not stand down come the day. We believe the “old” Trustees actually want to be pushed rather than jump.

We at WSRA+ are patient fellows but even our patience is fast running out. Other WSRA members are clearly more agitated and we hear increased chatter of plans for a fresh EGM. We too believe an EGM seems the only way forward. We suspect the “old” trustees also believe in putting their removal to the membership in a clear resolution.

A resolution will, we assume, ask the membership to approve the immediate removal of the “old” Trustees in line with the “key” recommendation of the Review.

WSRA+ are quite prepared to work with others on the draft resolution and its supporting message to the membership, and then by using online resources to help gather support from the membership for an EGM.

We are extremely proud of our Association. Of how it has played a big part in re-opening the line in the 1970s, then dragging our Railway from the dark days of the early 1980s when the line faced the real risk of closure; and through the 1990s when the West Somerset Railway finally hauled itself into the top league of heritage railways. Our Association still has a very important role to play in keeping the Railway up there with the big boys. But the WSRA itself needs a fresh start with fresh minds.

As we said at the top of this article, it really is “time, gentlemen”.

If the “old” Trustees can today summon up the courage to do the right thing and make that decision to send in a letter of resignation, then a further EGM can be avoided. So to Peter, David, Ian, Nigel, Nick and Paul, we say:

“Today would be a good day for you to make the decision and step down.”