Like many members of the West Somerset Railway Association, we are waiting for news of how the Trustees “shall then bring forward proposals to the WSRA membership to implement the review recommendations” as required by the Resolution approved by the membership on 10 May 2015. See this page for background and latest.

The Review Panel’s Report was published on various websites on 4 December 2015.

Since then we note a change of chairman (Peter Chidzey gave way to Frank Courtney who describes himself as “Acting Chairman”) whilst David Williams and Ian Aldridge stepped down as vice-chairman. Peter, David and Ian remain as Trustees. In addition to the co-option of Frank, the Trustees have since co-opted Michael Rowe. This makes a current total of eight Trustees.

The main recommendation of the Review Report called for the Trustees (the six Trustees in post during the period of the Review – we’ll call them the “old Trustees”) to resign from the Board once arrangements have been made to ensure the Board is properly constituted. At the present time, the “old Trustees” cannot all resign as the WSRA’s Articles of Assocation require the Board to have a minimum of six Trustees. Thus the current Board need to co-opt further Trustees before the “old Trustees” can complete the recommendation (alternatively, arrange a concurrent changeover). We see no sign of further co-options although Frank Courtney stated on 15 December 2015 that the Trustees “will be seeking further co-options…in the near future”. We appreciate it has been a time for holidays.

It is quite possible the “old Trustees” might hang on until the AGM in July. This may seem the right time to resign. However, it is clear to us that the work necessary to make those proposals to the WSRA membership should rightly not be done by the “old Trustees”, especially whilst they remain a majority. Thus the need for new co-options and some, if not all, resignations of the “old Trustees” in the near future.

The bloggers at WSRA+ reckon a swift enactment of the Review Report’s main recommendation will clear the way for the terms of the Resolution to make progress.

Before the end of this month, we believe it is imperative that the Acting Chairman announces further co-options and announces the immediate resignation of the “old Trustees”.

We look forward to an early announcement.