We refer, of course, to the next steps to be taken by the Trustee Board and for each and every WSRA member, following the release of the WSRA Review Report.

The Review Panel’s recommendations are best summarised in the section entitled “Review Recommendations” found on page 42 of the WSRA-provided document now available on WSRA+ and starting with paragraph 122 through to paragraph 144.

We also strongly recommend members read the section entitled “A Fresh Start” on page 47, which follows “Report Recommendations”.

We believe these two sections provide the true thrust of the Review Panel’s findings and deserve close attention by the membership.

We at WSRA+ are broadly in favour of on the Panel’s recommendations and because we do not wish to further influence the view of the membership we will not give a step-by-step account of our views on this public blog. [Update: given the very active debate on other social media sites, we feel we might express a comment or two in future WSRA+ articles.]

Members are strongly encouraged to participate in the next stages of the Review’s process:

1 Read and comment on the contents of the Report. Email to info@wsra.org.uk or send by post (there is a postal address within the Report)

2 Make every effort to participate in the presentation(s) promised by the Trustees, probably at a meeting to be held in February 2016.

3 Closely read the recommendation’s implementation proposals to be drawn up by the Trustees, as per the terms of the membership-agreed resolution.

4 To vote in person or proxy on the implementation proposals when the opportunity is presented to each member.

We truly hope each member of the Association will fully participate in these stages.

And we will return to this topic over the next few weeks as we all need to keep on our toes on this extremely important moment in the history of our Association.