Today, 1 December 2015, the Review Report is due for completion and delivery to the WSRA Trustees and all the signs are that this will happen. We understand the Review Chairman is due to meet some of the Trustees today.

Members will know that the Trustees, on behalf of the membership, initiated the Review following the membership’s approval of a resolution, successfully called for by a large number of members, which required a review of the WSRA to be held. And members will expect the Trustees, on behalf of the membership, to ensure the Review processes and content of the Review Report have been correctly followed. This might take a day or two, or perhaps longer if there comes a need for clarification.

We at WSRA+ trust that the Review processes and outputs will meet both the requirement of the resolution and the terms of reference clearly laid out by the Review Chairman.

And so, here we are at “completion day”  and the members now await publication of the Report. Quite how and when it will be published is not clear. We could be waiting for a postal delivery to each member with perhaps an online version at the same time or, hopefully, beforehand.

Whatever happens next, we hope all members will join us in a huge vote of thanks to the Review Panel – Brian Fraser, Simon Stretton, Ryan Pope, Chris Austin, Andy Forster, Martyn Snell, Neil Barrington, led by Robin Coombes. – for their hard work in reviewing the future path for our Association.

UPDATE 1 December 2015 – The Review Panel have issued this statement:

The Association Trustees have received a copy of the Review Report by the promised date of 1 December 2016. The Chairman of the Review met with a number of the Trustees today in Bristol. The Trustees had comments on several issues of factual accuracy; this is an entirely normal part of the process. The Review Chairman agreed as due process these must be considered by the Review Panel and any error of fact corrected, a final version of the report will be submitted as soon as practically possible to the Trustees and not later than Friday (4th December 2015). The Trustees gave their commitment that the Report would then be immediately published in full as required by the Resolution. It is understood that the Trustees will then seek comments from the membership on the Review Report and its recommendations.