The Association Trustees are consulting over proposals to introduce a new membership structure. See page 16 in Journal 151.

Three membership categories would offer different levels of benefits. The cost of each category would reflect the number of relevant benefits.

We understand the three categories being proposed are:

Bronze – this is described as a “basic membership” although the Journal article does not descibe what benefits, if any, are included.

Silver – the article suggests this category most closely resembles the current membership and currently related benefits.

Gold – for those who wish to “provide even more support for the Association” and in return receive more benefits. Quite what this means is not explained.

The article on page 16 (which follows a discussion in preceding pages about changes to travel benefits) does not go into a lot of detail so we assume members are free to be quite detailed and quite expansive in their submissions to the consultation process.

Members are encouraged by the Trustees to participate in the consultation by submitting constructive comments by email to

WSRA+ hope members will respond with subject-focussed comments to this consultation.

As a footnote, we trust this process will dovetail with (or be superseded by) any recommendations about membership categories in the Review Report due for completion on 1 December 2015, although the Journal article makes no such suggestion.