The promised completion by early December 2015 of the “Coombes Report”  is just a few weeks away.

A great number of WSR supporters are hopeful the Report’s recommendations will help resolve the current unhappiness and wash away the recent discord.

Those hopefuls don’t know, of course, when they will actually see the Report and its recommendations – it could be some weeks or even months away.

In the meantime, we believe it is important for all to look ahead and so we have done so. We put forward a vision for two key groups involved:

  • the WSRA finally comes to terms with its charitable status by morphing into an organisation that makes the most of that status through shedding its commercial activities and starting to achieve its charitable objectives by involving its partners. It needs to stop being a standalone and aloof body.
  • the WSR Plc wake up to the potential gain to a successful railway by realising the advantages of having a co-operative charity alongside and working with it to maximise possibilities. It needs to stop being a standalone and aloof body.

It is sadly true that either organisation can, probably, operate without the other, and possibly with some success.

However, by working to the strengths of each other, the opportunities are far, far greater. Not a time to rend but a time to sew.

Maybe, just maybe, the relevant people in the two groups will be able to stand side by side on that vision.

Therefore, we hope the WSR supporters discover the recommendations of the ‘Coombes Report’ will help steer the WSRA – and as a consequence, the WSR Plc too – along a new path. Hopefully as outlined above.