As reported earlier, Barrie Childs resigned as a WSRA Trustee on 26 October 2015. Barrie kindly posted a statement to our earlier article. We believe the statement contains several insights into the world of the WSRA’s Board of Trustees which might be of interest to members. So we reckon the statement deserves greater prominence and an article on WSRA+ in its own right. Here’s the statement from Barrie:

I joined the WSRA Board in July 2015 with a determination to make a significant positive contribution to the work of our Association. From outset I have been unable to perform my duties satisfactorily for reasons beyond my control. Although Companies House rightly records my date of appointment as the date of AGM, in practice I was barred from engaging in the role for a full month as the induction process had to be completed first. My many requests for an earlier induction were ignored.

I have been prevented from carrying out any meaningful form of due diligence as I have been consistently denied sight of important relevant documents and meeting minutes. It is not acceptable for a serving Trustee to learn of board member actions and decisions from public websites and Railway chat. I have been treated as a ‘second class’ Trustee and been supplied with very limited information. I have not been introduced to key staff members and actually been told not to speak with them.

It has become clear to me that, on occasions, important ‘executive’ decisions are being made outside of Trustees’ meetings. The legal duty to minute such decisions and the reasons for them is not being adhered to. I have grave concerns about WSRA governance and particularly with regard to the demonstrated process of disposal of Association assets.

In these circumstances it is impossible to discharge my duties as a Trustee, as defined by the Charity Commission, so I had no option but to resign. I have raised many issues of concern during Trustees’ meetings but to no avail. I am now duty bound to report my findings to the Charity Commission. This report will not be shared with any other party unless the Charity Commission later wish to disseminate it. It may be that the Charity Commission choose to respond; they may not. That decision is for them.

I do not intend to comment further.

Barrie N. Childs

As ever, WSRA+ provides the remaining Trustees an opportunity to respond by simply commenting on this article. It’s not a trick – the membership really want to hear from you.