Members may be interested the news that the WSRA has announced the appointment of one new Trustee and the resignation of three WSRA Trustees, Ian Coleby, Nigel Adams and Barrie Childs.

Frank Courtney has agreed to join the board as a co-opted Trustee and Director.

It would seem Ian Coleby may have resigned in order to take up a new appointment on the Board of the West Somerset Railway Plc with responsibilities for Volunteer Development.

The reasons are not clear for the resignation of Barrie Childs and Nigel Adams at this stage but hopefully one or both may choose to make a statement through the WSRA+ platform. UPDATE: Barrie Childs has since made a statement on WSRA+

For further details please see the statement on the WSRA website or the news page of

Our article title mentions four resignations. It would seem Richard (Dick) Holland has also resigned but the WSRA statement does not mentioned this, although the WSRA website page “About us” no longer features his name and picture. As above, we hope Dick will make a statement through WSRA+