We are grateful for several people for alerting us to conflicting information about the number of current Trustees.

The WSRA website page http://www.wsra.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/ helpfully includes the three “new” Trustees elected at the 2015 Annual General Meeting – Barrie Childs, Nigel Adams and Paul Johnson. And it also includes Richard Holland.

According to Companies House via an internet search on 16 October 2015, we note the resignation on 4 October 2015 of Richard Holland as a Trustee, which ties in with information from the “grapevine”.

The same search – https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/02968284/officers – also correctly shows Barrie Childs and Nigel Adams as Trustees, but there is no sign of Paul Johnson on the Companies House list of Directors (for the sake of clarity, in the case of the WSRA – a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 2968284 – Trustees are also known as Directors.)

The membership might accept a delay in updating the WSRA website (although there is no reason for a significant delay) but surely Companies House must be provided with the correct information. In this case, it is not clear why Companies House was notified of the appointment of  two of the three “new” Trustees, and the resignation of Richard Holland, but not the appointment of Paul Johnson. Members might wonder why this is…

Perhaps a Trustee might explain the current situation by reply to this article?