Announced on the WSRA website:

The WSRA is pleased to announce that at the recent WSRA (Promotions) Ltd Board meeting, Simon Stretton was appointed as Chairman and Jacquie Green as General Manager.

Simon Stretton retired in 2010 from a successful career in eletronic engineeering, culminating in a role as Chief  Information Officer for a leading financial services provider.  He has been a volunteer at WS Restoration since April 2011 and provided all the electrical systems for the control of the generator on Jupiter and  the electrical distribution throughout the Quantock Belle set. Simon describes himself as being “a team player and who enjoys building good teams, either as a manager or a participant, matching experience with enthusiasm, perfection with pragmatism. I believe that outcomes must always be fit for purpose even if this sometimes means challenging the requirements.”

Jacquie Green has been the WSRA Manager since 1st August, and before that was Head of Hospitality and Catering for the WSRplc for 6 years.

These appointments follow the recent resignation of Susan Kaufman from the position of Managing Director.