The Review Panel met on 16 September 2015. This was the first opportunity for the Panel to discuss the written submissions received. The Panel recognised and appreciated the considerable thought and effort that had gone into each submission. Many of those submitting described events and the issues as seen from different perspectives, this the Review Panel found very helpful and informative. A number of themes and concerns were also evident in the submissions which will direct the Review Panel’s future lines of enquiry. A more thorough statistical analysis will be now carried out on these submissions. Based upon the narratives, issues and concerns expressed, an initial selection of participants was agreed to be invited to provide further insight and ideas to help the Panel in its review and to come up with its recommendations. It should be noted that the list of participants was not drawn up on status, position or views expressed. Individuals were included where it was felt additional depth could be provided. Depending on the initial interviews the Review may or may not wish to make further enquiries or undertake further interviews. The Review Panel remains confident of completing the program in good time to report by 1 December 2015.