The WSRA website reports

The Association Trustees have released the following statement regarding the suspension of Trustee Ian Coleby which had been in place since Wednesday 13th May. ‘The Trustees had a number of concerns about Ian’s actions before 13th May 2015. Ian does not agree that these concerns were valid. Without resolving that difference of opinion, Ian and the Trustees have agreed that his suspension will be lifted after Ian attends an induction course, when he may rejoin the Board on 24th August 2015.’ The matter is now closed and it has been agreed that no further statement will be made by either party.”

So, as the youngsters might say “WTF was that all about, then?”. What a total waste of everyone’s time. Almost…

The mention of the “induction course” for Trustees reminds us about this process. What exactly does it involve? Does the WSRA follow the government guidelines and if not, why not? (these most useful guidelines are quite clear – see sections 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6 in particular)

We do believe all WSRA Trustees should be subjected, again if necessary, to an induction process of the nature and depth outlined in the government guidelines along with the Charity Commission’s own advice on this topic. Regular appraisal of individual Trustees might also be worthwhile. Other members may have a view on this idea.