The blog is “quiet” at the moment.But everything seems quiet. However, there’s lots going on and the membership might like to be kept informed.

We still await confirmation about the details of resignation of the WSRA manager and whether this affects other paid roles for the individual concerned (we understand one of the monthly mags has printed a few words on this topic). [UPDATE: The WSRA have today (17 August 2015) published a press release (dated 4 August 2015) on the WSRA website.]

We also understand there has been some movement on the suspension of a Trustee (we can only hope this matter is soon concluded).

The Rally team reports a very successful event (see although nothing appears on the WSRA website. We are puzzled. It need not be a novel or even a paragraph. Just how long does it take to post  “The Rally team reports a very successful event – see” on the WSRA website? [UPDATE: see WSRA website for press release, published 17 Augst 2015) about ‘Holmes Halt’ which includes a brief mention of the successful Rally.]

Mention of the WSRA website reminds us that the Trustees have changed the hosting provider. We gather  the previous provider was unwilling to continue hosting the WSRA website and we are not surprised about that. Sadly the quality of the WSRA website remains poor, not only in design and use of fuzzy images (the WSRA have been informed of an online private repository of high quality images, taken by over a dozen WSR photographers, that they can freely use for the website) but also in the “churn” of information. The Chairman, writing in the latest Journal, claims the webiste will never be updated daily. Fair enough. But surely at least once a week? It’s called “keeping the membership informed”. Or “communication” if you like. Perhaps, in our more relaxed moments, we can dream of a website that is dynamic in content, dynamic in design and something that is worthy of the membership’s money and loyalty.

The date for written submissions to the WSRA Review Panel has now passed. We understand over 90 documents have been received. We got that information second-hand of course (what do you expect!) Now the Review Panel will apply factfinding techniques to look for common themes and also prepare for some face-to-face chats with selected respondees later next month. Meanwhile, the Trustees (when they do communicate) say we should all wait for the results of the Review and give the Trustees time. Funny that. The Review was not – repeat not – the idea of the Trustees but was forced upon them through the membership via the reform group (remember what the Trustees said about them?). We think the next big question is what the Trustees will do with the Review’s recommendations and more importantly what the Trustees will do with any truly radical recommendations. Will the membership actually get a chance to approve or not? And if they do approve, will the Trustees act?

We will continue to contact the Trustees, whether reminders to previous questions, or raising new ones. We hope readers of WSRA+ will continue to do the same – even though it may seem a pointless exercise.