WSRA+ understands the injunction called by WSRA member Paul Whitehouse against the termination of his membership was lost at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday 21 July 2015.

The legal representative of Paul Whitehouse reports “Paul notes the judge’s comments that the process applied to him was ‘woefully inadequate’ and that, absent the special legal protection afforded to charities, the judge would have granted the injunctions he sought. He also notes the very unusual costs order made by the judge in his favour.”

WSRA+ further understands from the same source that the same legal technicality applies to the action brought by David Randles against the WSRA  which was due to be heard next day.

The WSRA says “”First and foremost, we are pleased that the judge ruled in favour of the Charity on a substantive point of law…We will fully take note of comments made by the judge with regard to procedure.”. A fuller statement was available on the WSRA’s website at

WSRA+ wish to state we have had no independent report of the proceedings but that we hope to bring an account of the judgement in due course.