Some members have express concern about the address printed on the pre-paid envelopes provided by the Association for the return of the proxy forms.

The address includes “Broadgauge House” rather than “Brunel House” which is the well known name of the office of the Association as seen here Google Streetview

A check with the WSRA Company Secretary reveals the proper name of “Brunel House” is “Broadgauge House” and that the pre-paid envelopes have been in use for some time with no problem getting them delivered. And the official address recognised by the Post Office is “Broadgauge House” (which is confirmed on the Post Office address finder website)

Some members will know that there is a(nother) “Broadgauge House” Google Streetview just down the road on the opposite side from the WSRA building which must be very confusing for delivery people.

But clearly there is no need to be concerned.

Update: we understand the pre-paid envelopes are held at the post office in the village by arrangement and the Company Secretary collects from there. But if using your own envelopes you should address it to “Brunel House” as per the Agenda instructions, otherwise your proxy form might end up in the mail of the company across the road and possibly go astray.