The AGM proxy form’s “resolution 6” gives a member the chance to put one tick mark in five of the 24 available grey boxes

The proxy form does carry the helpful message “each member to vote for 5 candidates only”. Take good note!

Each of the eight candidates has three possible options:  “for”, “against” and “abstain”.

We imagine the usual scenario is that a member will see five candidates they’d like to vote for. So they put a tick in the “for” box for each of those five candidates. Or perhaps they see a candidate they do not want to see elected, so they use up one of their five ticks by ticking the “against” box opposite the name of that candidate.

Clearly, a member can mix and match – but the member must only put five ticks in total on this resolution.

It is vital that each member uses up their five ticks, if necessary, using the “abstain” column, and thus prevent the proxy from adding a few of their own choice.

Remember, for “resolution 6”, only five ticks are allowed, per member. Any more and the proxy form is invalid.

Thankfully, the other resolutions require a member to put a single tick in one of the appropriate boxes.

(Edited to, hopefully, make things clearer!)