We believe the words in the “NOT TRUE” document were copied from the 1000 word statement provided to the WSRA by the members who called for the general meeting to consider the resolution to remove six named Trustees (the wrongly-shortened resolution 10ii on the AGM agenda).

The Companies Act 2006 provide for the 1000 word statement being sent to members. The WSRA felt it necessary to chop up the words and place them in a table along with the WSRA’s replies, which might be a fair way of responding to the points raised in support of the resolution. But the original statement with its paragraphed structures must be seen by members.

The 4500 printed copies properly provided by the members calling the general meeting to the Company Secretary have, we understand, been destroyed (without any notice) by the WSRA administration (that is, the Trustees and Company Secretary). Members might wonder why…

Like many members, we need to be convinced resolution 10ii should be supported and just like many members, we seek as much information as we can clap our eyes on. But the WSRA administration have considered we should not see this document. Members might wonder why.

So, In the interests of clarity and fairness, we are happy to provide access to a PDF copy of the 1000 word statement which was sent to us by a WSRA member.