A check of the consist of the Trustee Board in the recently issued WSRA  Annual Report reveals a confusing picture.

On page 1, we read there were nine Trustees at the end of 2014. But there were ten. The Trustee missing from that list is Chris Walters.

Turning to page 10, we find that during the reporting year (2014) and since the year end, we find a list of ten Trustees, this time including Chris Walters.

However, three of the ten resigned since 2014 (although one of the three is reported to have actually resigned in September 2014). But only Chris Walters is shown on page 10 as resigning.

It is these three resignations that give us the three current vacancies (they do not exist through the kind actions of the Chairman as suggested in his recent letter!)

These are yet more examples of truly sloppy work by the Trustees and Company Secretary.

It is high time for some change in the management of our Association.

Yes we are critical and will remain so. The Chairman has recently suggested to one of the WSRA+ team something along the lines of “don’t criticise if you are not prepared to help us”. Well, as we’ve mentioned before, some of us did try to get elected in 2014 but failed due to the dirty tricks of, yes you’ve guessed it, the current Trustees and Company Secretary. An own goal, Mr Chairman?