The WSRA Review Panel issued a message on their Facebook page about the composition of the Panel. We feel it is worth reproducing the message on WSRA+ The Review Panel has received comments showing that there is some confusion over its composition and therefore its credibility and ultimately its independence. To provide some background and clarity on how the composition and membership of the Review Panel was determined, the Panel has been appointed followed the Resolution passed at a General Meeting of the WSRA which stated: “The review shall be chaired by a person independent of the WSRA or any group on the Railway but the review team shall include WSRA Trustees, representatives of the WSRA Reform Group, WSR plc, and the WSSRT, and may include representatives of other groups on the Railway as the review chairman shall decide.” This mandate has been followed to the letter, the Chairman Robin Coombes has no connections with the WSRA or any group on the Railway, each organisation named in the Resolution was written to and invited to submit a representative. The WSRA Trustees, the WSRA Reform Group and PLC have agreed and nominated representatives whom they considered suitable and appropriate. Two further members have been co-opted as allowed by the Resolution at the discretion of the Chairman to represent volunteers on the railway and youth, the Chairman is seeking at least one female member so that the Panel is fully representative of all and has people with a long-term interest in the railway. All members of the Review Panel have been asked to confirm honestly that they will well and truly serve the Review Panel acting with an open mind, fairly, impartially and inquisitively, and they will do right to all manner of people connected with the Review, without fear or favour, affection or ill will. It is entirely a matter for individuals whether they choose to pre-judge the process and its outcome before it commences in earnest, however the Review Panel would ask to be assessed only once it has started work and on the content of its final report. Throughout the review process the Review Panel will act fairly and transparently and will address any reasonable representation or concern put to it by any interested party.