Error 1:

The 2015 AGM Agenda says “Please send ALL correspondence regarding the meeting and completed proxy forms in the postage paid envelope provided to the Company Secretary, Brunel House, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton, Somerset TA4 3RU”  (the word “ALL” is in caps on the Agenda as if to emphasise the point)

But the postage paid envelope provided is not addressed to Brunel House or to TA4 3RU, but to a different address altogether, with the risk of proxy forms not reaching the right address.

So, WSRA administrators, which is it?

The WSRA members behind WSRA+ are sick to the teeth of the WSRA administration’s conflicting advice and continual clangers which must be costing the WSRA an absolute fortune.

There are further errors which we will discuss in future postings.

HANDS-UP-TIME: A well-wisher has pointed out we had put the wrong postcode in the above message, It has now been amended. Sorry everyone.