We note the WSRA have added a news item to the WSRA website which confirms the decision to terminate the membership of four individuals:

The Trustees decided at their meeting on 4th June that they were minded to terminate the membership of four individuals and informed them of this in writing and that a decision would be taken on 6th July.

See an example of the most recent letter to one of the four people involved.

Sadly, this continues the WSRA administration’s belief that the letter on 5 June 2015 stated the decision would be taken on 6 July and so we say, for the umpteenth time, no it didn’t and members must ask themselves why the WSRA administration continue with this belief.

Let us just go through this again.

The relevant section of the Articles states:

7.9d(ii) “such Member shall have 28 clear days’ notice in writing of the date of the meeting and of the grounds upon which the Member’s removal is sought”

The requirement is for the “date of the meeting” be included in the notice.

Here is the body of the letter of 5 June 2015 as received by one of the four:

At the Trustees’ meeting on the 4th of June the decision was taken to terminate your membership as your conduct is not considered to be in the best interest of the Association.

Specifically, the grounds for this action are:

– Your sustained personal condemnation of individual Trustees and the Board in general are prejudicial to the orderly conduct of WSRA business.
– Your attempts to bring undue pressure on members and Trustees.

You are entitled under the Articles to make representations to the Trustees, and should you choose to do this, you must provide it to me no later than the 6th of July 2015.

Read it and read it again –  but there’s no mention a future meeting or that “a decision would be taken on 6th July.”

And therefore the termination process must be invalid.

Despite many calls from many members for the WSRA administration to admit the error and start again.

But their repeated response was that due process had been properly followed.

We have this morning asked the WSRA Chairman to provide members with the details of the wrongdoing which they felt warranted membership termination. We hope to get a response and permission to publish it here. We feel it is important to publish the details, along with clear examples. There are many members who are critical of the current WSRA administration and it would be useful to know where the Trustees have drawn the line.