The WSRA Review Panel met for the second time on Tuesday 30 June 2015. The Review Panel is made up of Robin Coombes as Chairman, Brian Fraser representing the Reform Group, Simon Stretton representing the WSRA, Andrew Forster representing WSR Plc, Martyn Snell representing the volunteers and Ryan Pope representing young volunteers. To ensure that the Panel is fully representational it is seeking female and/or younger representatives so ensure its future orientation.

The Panel has issued invitations for written submissions on the WSRA its role and future purpose. Any interested party can make these.

The Review Panel has also agreed on the methodology on which the WSRA shall be reviewed. The assessment of capability methodology is based on one developed by the UK Government Cabinet Office and was the model used to review the ORR (Office of Rail Regulation now Office of Road and Rail) in 2012. The reason for using this is that it is a well established, tried and tested process and unlikely to be challenged that it is not independent and comprehensive.

The Review Panel will now be establishing key lines of inquiry which it will be developed once the written submissions have been received.

Ryan Pope the Review Panel member for young volunteers said he was “delighted to be a member of the Panel and that it was a great opportunity to gain an insight into how all the various aspects of the railway relate to each other and looking forward to it making an important contribution to the railway’s future success.”

Written submissions are to be emailed to and to be returned no later than Monday 27 July 2015. After this there will naturally be a period for evaluating the responses, then during August invitations will be sent out asking those whom the Review Panel wish to interview and present evidence to attend.

Please see the detailed guidelines for submissions.