Whilst WSRA members wait patiently for the AGM papers – the last possible arrival date is this coming Friday – they may be unaware of the call for an “extraordinary” general meeting (EGM) by a group of fellow members. The EGM will consider a single resolution to remove six of the current Trustees from office.

The call, supported by the required number of WSRA members, was properly lodged with the WSRA administration on 9 June 2015. The WSRA administration then have 21 days to announce the EGM. We understand the WSRA plan to deal with the EGM on the same day and the same place as the AGM on 25 July 2015. But the WSRA administration have failed to provide the paperwork for the EGM within the 21 days as per the Companies Act 2006.

We can assume the WSRA administration – by which we mean the Trustees and the Company Secretary – planned to send the EGM paperwork with the AGM paperwork to save expense. A noble aim indeed. Except the EGM paperwork should have been with members on 1 July at the latest. A brief but undated message on the front page of the WSRA website proclaims “Notice of General Meeting. Dissident members have called for a second General Meeting, to be held during the Association’s Annual General Meeting, on Saturday 25th July at 2.00 p.m. at Bishops Lydeard Village Hall.” We feel this message is not valid as it is not complete (it gives no detail as to the business of the EGM), it is undated, and in any case it cannot count as a valid notice to members who do not use the internet.

Does any of this matter? Maybe not. But we believe members fully expect their administration to stick like glue to the rules, and let’s face it, the rules are fairly straightforward to follow.