Peter Chidzey, WSRA Chairman, asks if we will post this copy of a letter from the WSRA to one of the members subject to membership termination process. And also can we post the statement that follows this paragraph. We are always happy to post “stuff that WSRA members might need to know…”

The WSRA Chairman wishes to make this statement:

You may also like to know that M/s White claimed to have information that the WSRA Trustees were intending to disrupt the plc AGM last Saturday and that 2 Trustees had confirmed this.  It is totally untrue.  There was never any such WSRA policy, and as far as I am aware, no trustee has made such a statement. In fact I deliberately did not attend the meeting to ensure that no such accusation could be made.  I note that there was a vote against the plc from at least one member holding (so I understand) a total of 1.7M votes.  That was not the WSRA as, a) we never claimed any right to request a Poll vote, and b) we have more than 2M shares.

Edit: since the above was posted, the Plc have issued a statement.