We attach a PDF containing two images of emails sent by one of the four WSRA members who have been the subject to the Trustees’ recent attempts to serve membership termination notices.The two images are already in the public domain. For those needing a refresher, there are other posts on this blog about the “termination” issues.

We feel the membership should be aware of these latest developments.

At this stage, we do not wish to comment on the main content of the PDF attachment.

Members will form their own opinions, for sure.

UPDATE: on 2 July, we have received an email from the WSRA Company Secretary “please take it off your website”. It was not entirely clear what “it” was, or which website. We assumed it was this article on WSRA+ We declined the request as the article merely provided a link to something already in the public domain, something that the membership ought to know about. We also asked “Would you like us to add a comment that you have asked for its removal?”. We haven’t had a reply to say “no” so we have gone ahead in the interests of keeping the membership informed.