So far, for what is a simple process, the Trustees and the Company Secretary have issued three (yes three) separate letters to each of the four WSRA members, each time adding a bit more, or changing dates, but still not conforming to the WSRA’s own Articles in terms of proper notice, and still lacking of any detail of the alleged wrongdoing on which the four members might base their “representations”.

We ask why could the Trustees and Company Secretary not have got this right, even after some of their members helpfully try to point out the errors.

We suspect a rushed decision by the Trustees, with discussion driven by personal issues with the four rather than rational debate of any wrongdoings, and the nomination of one of the four as a candidate Trustee, and then the decision compounded by extremely poor work by the Company Secretary.

Members might like to consider if the membership is actually getting value for money from this kind of behaviour from their Trustee Board and Secretariat.

Members might like to look at the latest letter from the Company Secretary to Paul Whitehouse who is one of the four members involved.

And then look at the response on behalf of the four members.

WSRA+ have had our differences with the Reform Group – and indeed still do – but on this occasion we agree 100% with their response.

We’d like to point out to members that, in terms of following the process in an accurate manner, we are no further forward whatsoever, as no properly constructed letter has been issued at the right time. Perhaps the Trustees and Company Secretary should stop what they are doing, draw breath, and start all over again. Or simply forget it.

And so we say to the Trustees it is time to show true strength, admit your mistakes, recognise you need a competent secretariat who can get things done properly and first time, and do the right thing on behalf of the membership you represent.