Members will recall the proposed termination of the memberships of four people who happen to belong to the “Reform Group”. In an earlier blog article, we pointed out the letter sent by WSRA to each of the four was invalid as it did not provide details of the meeting at which the proposal to terminate the memberships would be decided. The Articles of Association require such notice to be provided.

We pointed out this error to the WSRA Chairman who replied on 16 June 2015

We met with our legal advisors yesterday and were assured that the manner in which we have conducted the matter of removal of memberships was correct. The members involved have tried to cast doubt on the process for their own ends, but have failed. The date of the meeting at which the termination would be considered was in the first letter and it is disingenuous to suggest that the meaning was not clear.

We disagree with this “legal advice”. Whilst the letter does include a future date, there is no mention of a future meeting and certainly no link between that date and a meeting. The date in the letter refers to the closing date for representations from the affected member to be made. How would any member know that date is also the date of the “decision” meeting?

Therefore we say the WSRA Chairman’s statement – apparently based on “legal advice” – is wrong. It also attempts to shift the blame to the affected members. It also pours scorn on other members who have genuine concern that the WSRA’s administration is at fault.

Members might wish to consider who is being disingenuous?