In 2014 there were examples of dirty play by the Trustees of the WSRA.

They were so desperate to ensure the safe return of the three Trustees standing for re-election.

They were also so desperate to ensure the other candidates were not elected.

Desperate enough in 2014 to:

  • edit the personal statements of at least two of the “other” candidates
  • add unfavourable comments to some of the personal statements of some of the “other” candidates
  • using Association resources, issue a further canvassing letter on behalf of and strongly in favour of the three Trustees standing for re-election

In each case, the “other” candidates were not consulted about content removal or addition and they were not offered the same opportunities to use Association resources to further canvas members.

We can only conclude that the Trustees do not want to accept the democratic process and they have no qualms over using unfair, dirty tricks to ensure their chosen ones gain an unfair advantage.

We understand the WSRA management believe co-option is better than open competition, apparently because the Trustees believe they alone can best judge the calibre of new people. Of course, other organisations also believe this – the WSR Plc for example – but we reckon for a membership-supported charity like the WSRA must follow the open, democratic route.

We hope for a truly clean fight in 2015.

Sadly, we are aware of a example of a refusal to accept sections of the personal statement of a 2015 candidate. The Company Secretary claims the refusal is on “legal advice” and claims the legal advice is “confidential” and cannot be viewed by the candidate. This stated position by the Company Secretary (who is not a Trustee) is another example of unfair tactics used against what the Trustees clearly see as an “undesirable” candidate. We hope for a change of position on this one.

Is this another example of the Association’s management hiding behind “legal advice” that, mysteriously, is “confidential”?

We encourage members to look beyond the Journal and officially-issued paperwork for more information.

When available, we will post the official candidate statements here and, if it is proven that the submitted original version has been edited, we will make that fact clear.