The West Somerset Railway Association has released a press release about the Review.

“At the General Meeting of Sunday 10th May, a resolution was passed to conduct a full review of the West Somerset Railway Association’s aims and objectives. Since then, the Trustees have moved quickly to appoint an experienced and independent Chairman for the review, and this appointment was confirmed on Monday 8 June 2015. The Review Chairman will be Robin Coombes. Robin is a Chartered Architect by profession. After qualifying from the University ofWales, he joined British Rail’s Architects Department in 1980 and was later appointed as a project manager for the launch of Network SouthEast, prior to becoming Rail Marketing Manager for Network North at Euston.”

The press release also states “The Review will follow the letter of the resolution passed at the General Meeting to form its terms of reference. The Review Chairman will write to invite representatives from the named organisations to form the Review Panel. The Review will be conducted in the style of a ‘parliamentary select committee’, whereby everyone who wishes to will be invited to make submissions in writing, and then the panel will conduct a series of interviews with key organisations and individuals based on the written submissions received. The Review will include the named organisations in the resolution – West Somerset Railway Association, WSRA Reform Group, West Somerset Railway Plc and West Somerset Steam Railway Trust.”

For the full press release please go to the WSRA website