Several WSR supporters have asked WSRA+ to be “up front” with the changes and actions it is suggesting to the WSRA trustees. We have not made a joint WSRA+ approach but have individually made suggestions to the WSRA. Here are some of the suggestions submitted for immediate consideration and action:

– take the necessary steps to improve the administration of the WSRA especially concerning general meetings and processes involving discipline; we believe a new Company Secretary should be appointed.

– immediately bring together a member-led group of members to manage and oversee the forthcoming AGM including counting of votes

– carry out the ‘carried’ EGM resolutions to the letter

– withdraw the four invalid ‘termination letters’

– withdraw the suspension of Ian Coleby due to invalid notices given and lack of thorough discussion

– withdraw the appointment of David Williams as vice-chairman

We are sad to say that the responses from the WSRA chairman to these suggestions can be described as “defensive”.

Perhaps blog readers might like to share what they have submitted to the WSRA trustees to consider by way of change and action?
Our suggestions for the longer term will, we hope, be provided to the Review team. The central issue for us is that WSRA is stuck halfway between its old role and its newer charitable status and it needs to be one or the other, but not both.

Our other suggestions for the long term can wait until (a) the review team is actively seeking views and (b) other supporters, including the Reform Group, are prepared to spell out what the changes they want to see.