Something has been going on behind our backs.

Writing on the unofficial WSR forum (in reply to Robin White) the WSRA Chairman, says “I note that you choose to misquote a comment made in what you insisted was to be a ‘confidential meeting’ not to be discussed with either your fellow reformers or the WSRA trustees.  Your idea of ‘confidential’ also seems to be misplaced.  If as I presume your announcement will be based around the demands you made at that meeting, I will leave others to conclude how ‘constructive’ they are.”

In reply to a message from another reform supporter on the National Preservation forum saying “I reckon there was lots to discuss at last evening’s Trustee meeting.”,  Robin White posted “It is right that they have some serious choices to make.” and “The Reform Group are likely to have an announcement on Saturday morning.”

So with these two exchanges on public discussion forums, can we tell what’s been going on behind our backs?

Members will note it seems Robin White has made demands to the WSRA. There are reasonable grounds to assume the demands were to be discussed and choices made at the Trustees meeting held in the evening of 4 June. And members will note that the reform group – who clearly know what Robin White has been up to – along with, it seems, at least one other reform supporter not part of the reform group, are likely to make an announcement on Saturday morning.

Members might wonder under what mandate the reform group are placing demands on the WSRA Trustees.

Members might want to know the detail of those demands.

Members might wish to know why they have been utterly ignored by the reform group on this story.

Members might ponder on the secrecy surrounding all of this and what happened to openness and transparency, consultation and communication.

Members might be puzzled by the lack of democracy.

Members might wish to know what they can do if they don’t like the demands.

Members might wonder what deals have been made as part of those demands and whether the membership will get the chance to have their say.

WSRA+ will post more on this story, regardless of the contents of the “likely” announcement by the reform group.