Members will recall the resolution calling for a review of the Association was carried at the recent EGM.

“The Trustees shall cause to be conducted a review of the purpose, objects, structure and activities of the WSRA, intended to return the WSRA to its core role as supporting the West Somerset Railway as a whole. The review shall be chaired by a person independent of the WSRA or any group on the Railway but the review team shall include WSRA Trustees, representatives of the WSRA Reform Group, WSR plc, and the WSSRT, and may include representatives of other groups on the Railway as the review chairman shall decide. The will be an opportunity for all interested parties to contribute to the review. The review report shall be completed within 6 months of this resolution being passed and shall be presented in its entirety to the WSRA membership on completion. The trustees shall then bring forward proposals to the WSRA membership to implement the review recommendations no later than the Annual General Meeting following the publication of the review report.”

Members are reminded to note the wording of the resolution is quite specific. Trustees and managers are reminded that the review is to be undertaken according to the wording of the resolution and according to the instructions of the membership. It is after all the membership’s Association, whilst the trustees and managers are the membership’s servants.

We now understand the Trustees have found and appointed an independent chairman for the review. It seems the independent chairman will consult widely throughout the railway family.

No doubt in due course the membership will learn the identity of this person, the terms and objectives of the task, the methods of information gathering, the list of formal consultees and when the ordinary member will receive the invitation to contribute to the review. The latter item is of great importance as many members wish to contribute to the review as well as voting on the outcomes.