It would seem from remarks made by David Williams after the results of the first EGM resolution that his intention was to resign as Chairman and as a Trustee at the end of the EGM.

David said “I have no intention of continuing”. Referring to a suggestion about co-option, he went on to say “That is a matter for those Trustees who remain – and that would not include me.”

Later, during his speech against the resolution calling for his removal as a Trustee, he said “Obviously it is quite clear that those of you gathered here today the majority would like to see the back of me and that is what is going to happen.”

There has been no confirmation yet from the WSRA or from him, that he has followed that intention through.

If David Williams has stepped down, then we assume Peter Chidzey, one of the Vice Chairmen, will assume the role of Chairman until the Trustees decide at their next meeting, believed to be at the end of the month, which of their number will be the next Chairman of the West Somerset Railway Association.

(with thanks to David Randles for allowing us to access his audio recording of the EGM)