Trustee Ian Coleby has kindly allowed us to publish the results of the voting at today’s WSRA Extraordinary General Meeting (the full wording of each resolution can be found below in an earlier posting).

Resolution 1 – “Members have no confidence…” For:1178 Against:1127 Abstain:86 – carried.
Resolution 2 – “Review…” For:1317 Against:1010 Abstain:60 – carried.
Resolution 3 – “David Williams shall be removed…” For:1121 Against:1136 Abstain:123 – lost.
Resolution 3 – “Peter Chidzey shall be removed…” For:1086 Against:1141 Abstain:153 – lost.
Resolution 3 – “Nick Nicholls shall be removed…” For:1120 Against:1121 Abstain:138 – lost (the count gave a tie at 1120 so was decided by Chairman’s casting vote)

These figures have not been confirmed by the WSRA but we believe are an accurate record of the announced results.

Further information about the EGM will follow in the next day or so.